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Our Staff

Walter F. Edwards Ph.D, Director

Born in Guyana, South America, Dr. Edwards earned a BA in English at the University of Guyana. He continued his education in England, earning an MA in Linguistics in English Language Teaching at University of Lancaster, England, and his Ph.D. in Language and Linguistics at University of York, England.

At Wayne State University Dr. Edwards teaches several courses in linguistics. His research interests and publications include Guyanese Creole studies, African American Vernacular English, the sociolinguistics of rap lyrics and language and culture.

Dr. Edwards was formerly Director of the Linguistics program, Assistant and Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs, interim chair of the English Department at WSU. As the Humanities Center Director, Dr. Edwards manages all aspects of the Center's work and chairs the Advisory Board.

Our Team

Tiffin Carter

Administrative Assistant

Tiffin relocated back to her home-Detroit and joined the Humanities Center in 2020. She received her Bachelor’s of Science with a major in Early Childhood and a minor in Sociology from Fayetteville State University in 2011. She is currently working on her Masters of Public Administration.

Kennedy Cockrel

Student Assistant/Brown Bag Coordinator

Kennedy joined the Humanities Center in 2020. She is studying to earn a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Management and International Business. She received her Bachelor's in Business Administration from Western Michigan University

Keiaira Pulliam

Student Assistant

Keiaira Pulliam joined the Humanities Center in 2018.

Chencheng Zhang

Student Assistant/Web Master

Chencheng Zhang joined the Humanities Center in 2021. He is studying in Computer Science Department

Farjana Rahman

Student Assistant

Farjana Rahman joined the Humanities Center in 2020. She is studying to earn a Bachelor on Psychology and Public Health. She did an internship at Henry Ford Hospital and currently working at Beaumont Hospital.

Tanni Dev

Student Assistant

Tanni Dev joined The Humanities Center in 2020. She's studying to earn a bachelor's in computer science and public health.

Renee Mohamed

Student Assistant

Renee Mohamed is studying public health honors and biology. Renee Mohamed also works as a president of a local nonprofit serving southeast Michigan, and work as a research assistant for Dream of Detroit.