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Faculty Fellowship Competition

The Humanities Center sponsors an annual Faculty Fellowship Competition on a specific theme. Fellowships provide Wayne State University faculty with summer funding to help pay for expenses related to their research projects including travel, research assistance, salary and fringe benefits. All WSU full-time faculty in the humanities, arts, and related disciplines are eligible to submit proposals, except those who have received funding from the Center within the last two years.

Please note that if you are an applicant from CLAS must have the Dean's and Chair's signature on your coversheet.

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Explication of the 2018-2019 year


The rise of populism and authoritarianism around the globe seems to require an urgent rethinking of democracy. Was democracy a naive idealistic hope, or is it merely entering a new phase? Are societies around the world reverting to the historical norm of inward-looking autocratic elitism, or is a more expansive and inclusive kind of democracy possible? Is democracy too unstable to survive? Do the rights and freedoms of democracy necessarily afford authoritarians the means to undermine it? Will democracy always be trumped by racial, ethnic, and religious divisions? Are we better served as citizens by creating new laws bent on protecting democracy, or should we allow the free play of ideas to continue unabated, even when those ideas negate the principles of democracy? When faced with that possibility, which direction and what form should the protection of democracy take? Is journalistic integrity possible when lies are the new norm? Can artistic expression, including humor and sarcasm, help to defend democracy?

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Submission Information

Fifteen (15) copies of the application and CV should be submitted to the Director, Humanities Center, by 5:00 PM on Friday, April 6, 2018. Each application must have an application coversheet.

The Humanities Center
Attn: Walter F. Edwards, Director
2226 Faculty/Administration Building
Wayne State University
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