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Resident Scholars Program

The Humanities Center of Wayne State University announces the continuation of its Resident Scholars Program. The aim is to create a community of humanities and arts faculty from different disciplines working in the same physical space at roughly the same time. Such an arrangement could facilitate the formation of valuable research networks and promote interdisciplinary collaborations and joint grant applications. Resident Scholars meet periodically to share progress, experiences, and emerging conclusions from their research or creative work. Resident Scholars will also be expected to keep office hours at the Center, making research collaboration possible. The program should be attractive to all full-time faculty, but faculty on sabbatical leave should find it particularly appealing.

Each office is equipped with a personal computer, and office furniture. Additionally, resident scholars have access to a network printer, the internet, a photocopier, and a fax machine. The Center also has a conference area.

Apply to be a Resident Scholar


All full-time faculty in the humanities, arts, and related disciplines are eligible to apply, including those who are on sabbatical for all or part of the academic year.


Each resident scholar will be eligible to apply for up to $800 to support his or her approved project. The resident scholar may use the money for travel to conferences to report on his or her approved project, or for payment for research assistance. This amount will be prorated for residents who are appointed for periods shorter than one full academic year.


Each Resident Scholar must agree to:

  1. Establish office hours at least twice a week for a minimum of three hours per session; or three times per week for two hours per session.
    This is the central requirement of the program since it provides the opportunity for residents to interact frequently, and thus, to influence each other's work and develop collaborative projects.
  2. Spend his/her office hours working on his/her research project, or interacting with other resident scholars having office hours.
  3. Participate in roundtable sessions with other residents when these are arranged.


Applicants should submit three (3) copies of a proposal with the following content:

  1. A description of the project that the applicant would be working on during the period of his or her residency.
  2. A statement indicating how the residency would enhance the professional career of the applicant.
  3. A commitment to keep regular office hours throughout the residency.