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Reasons to Give to the Humanities Center

Dear visitor,

We wish to encourage you to make a donation to the Humanities Center to assist with funding our programs. The Center serves the faculty and students of Wayne State in a number of ways, including the following:

  • It promotes, celebrates, and funds scholarly work in the humanities and arts. In doing so the Center helps to accentuate the importance of the humanities and arts in a well-rounded college program and in the education of an informed and thoughtful citizenry.

  • It is also well known that funding from external sources for humanities scholarship is very limited. Consequently, our faculty and students depend heavily on the internal funding from the Humanities Center to support their scholarship.

  • Over the years, the Humanities Center has funded literally scores of faculty and graduate students most of whom have converted their completed projects into dozens of books, scores of published articles, and hundreds of conference presentations, all of which have enhanced the scholarly reputation of Wayne State University.

  • Our Resident Scholars' Program is an annual success story in promoting interdisciplinary growth among scholars affiliated with different sub-disciplines within the humanities and arts. Each year, scholars from different fields co-habit in the Center, sharing their work, exchanging ideas, developing collaborations and crossing disciplinary boundaries that hitherto inhibited new intellectual syntheses.

  • Our Brown Bag Colloquium Series, comprising over 60 talks per year, provide a site for interdisciplinary fellowship among faculty and students from across departments and colleges, and facilitates collaborations among individual faculty. Through these talk, many academically fruitful connections are made between scholars with similar or complementary interests who would not otherwise have known about each other's work.

  • Our Working Groups Program also facilitates interdisciplinary and cross- disciplinary syntheses that encourage intellectual innovations and disciplinary progress. We have funded the formation and development of such working groups as the End of Life, Science and Society, and Digital Humanities that have gone on to publish important monographs, organize prestigious conferences, and establish autonomous academic entities, all of which enrich the intellectual culture of Wayne State University.

  • By providing funding and collegial support for humanities and arts faculty the Humanities Center has helped Wayne to retain outstanding faculty and also to attract brilliant faculty to our university.

We encourage you to read through the pages of our Web site. If you do, you will certainly agree that the Humanities Center is worthy of your financial support. Thanks in advance.

Walter Edwards, Ph.D Professor, Linguistics Director.